What's a Global Nomad?

Want a sneak peak into the life of a global nomad?  Watch this video: Around the World in 3 Years 

What do you call someone who was born in England but speaks English with an American accent?     What about a Brazilian who speaks Portuguese and French with an English accent but who speaks Mandarin like a native of northeast China? What name would you give a person who has lived 85 percent of his life in seven nations other than his birth country? You would call that person a global nomad, and his name is Kolin Gonçalves.
         No, I'm not a nomad like the leather-skinned shepherd I saw near Hanasi Lake who tied his yurt to two camels then crossed a mountain pass with his family and goats to reach summer pastures. So what is a global nomad?
          A global nomad is someone who lives a cross-cultural lifestyle. They freely move from country to country without ties to a permanent home or job. They love to travel; it is in their blood. Their connection to homeland and family has loosened. For instance, a global nomad might be someone who has taught English literature to Slovaks and tap dancing to Chinese. It may be someone who ate cobra in Indonesia one year, then bulgogi in South Korea the next. It could describe someone who lived with Kazakhs in a mountain hut, dined with Filipino rice farmers, and worshiped with Ethiopians in a rock-hewn church. I am that someone.
To learn more about Kolin, just watch this video: Getting to know Kolin Goncalves

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