Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm a Fish!

When I first thought of this title, it reminded me of the Chinese pop song titled "I'm a Fish" which I sang (in Chinese, of course!) at a party for my students at Changchun Normal University.  

In this song, the singer says that he is like a "fish out of water" without the one he loves.

To watch the music video by the original artist Ren xian qi, click here.

Unlike Ren xian qi, I was elated to feel like a fish in the waters of Bonito in Brazil!  

Bonito is a town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, blessed with totally transparent rivers clearer than a swimming pool!  

Take a look! (Photos not mine.)

The unbelievable clarity of these rivers makes Bonito a mecca for snorkelers who want to commune with the fishes!  

Here's a great view of some snorkelers:

Ha!  Who's observing who in the above photo?  It looks like the fish are following the snorkelers, and the snorkelers might be wondering, "Where are all the fish?"  :)

How did the water get so clear?  Well, the abundant limestone in the area serves as an amazing filter for all the rainwater that feeds these rivers.  All the sediment falls to the bottom leaving practically ZERO particles in the water.

My most memorable moment of snorkeling in Bonito was floating through a small waterfall on Rio da Prata ("River of Silver").  After emerging from a maelstrom of bubbles, I came face to face with one of these:

...a rather menacing dourado.  Our eyeballs were six inches away from each other!  Before the fish could react, I lunged with my left hand and stroked the dourado's side.  Fantastic!  

Want to see a video I edited of my snorkeling experience on Rio Sucuri?  Then click here.

In addition to snorkeling, you can take some fabulous jungle walks such as Boca da Onça ("Mouth of the Jaguar") where you can marvel at 11 waterfalls including the states highest--the Boca da Onça waterfall-- at 156 meters tall!

Check out my video of Bonito's above-ground wonders including Boca da Onça Ecotour here.

If you want an unforgettable, fish-filled snorkeling adventure in amazing rivers set in a lush jungle settting, then Bonito is the place for you!

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