Thursday, December 12, 2013

The GrandER Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S of A is pretty grand.

BUT Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, the United States of Mexico is even grander!

Here are some pics to whet your interest:

That's me, near the town of Creel.

Can you see me at the edge of the precipice?  This was taken near Divisadero.
Copper Canyon (Barranca de Cobre in Spanish)  is a group of 6 canyons that, when taken together, are larger in area and at times deeper than the Grand Canyon.  When not so covered with trees and grass as in my photos (very unusual for the normally dry Chihuahuan Desert) you can see a greenish copper color in the rock walls, thus the name for the canyon.

The six rivers that formed Copper Canyon flow through the Sierra Madre Occidental and merge into the Rio Fuerte which empties into the Sea of Cortez.

It is along the Rio Fuerte that you can enjoy one of the world's most scenic train rides on "Chepe", the Copper Canyon railroad beginning in the lovely mountain town of Creel and ending at El Fuerte.

Map of train route.
Here are some of the views you can enjoy if you book a ticket on the Chepe train:

Don't ask me who this woman is...But I like her regal nose. ;)

Not only can you enjoy a wonderfully scenic train ride in Copper Canyon, you can also see Mexico's tallest permanent waterfall--Basaseachi--at a grand height of 246 meters:

In addition, you can meet the Tarahumara people.  They actually call themselves the RarĂ¡muri which in their language means "those who run fast", and they are famous for running long distances (up to 200 miles/ 320 km) without rest!

The Raramuri people often live in caves or under rock outcroppings as seen here:

Note the handmade baskets on the shelf.  Great souvenirs.  :)

And you often see them selling their hand-woven baskets beside the train tracks of the Chepe train:

If you do take the Copper Canyon railway (the Chepe) you will most likely end your journey at the small but pleasant town of El Fuerte:

It was close to Independence Day when I visited.  Hence the banners everywhere.

You definitely don't want to miss Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico!

Too see even more great photos of Copper Canyon, the Raramuri people and Basaseachi waterfall click here

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